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Cybersecurity  Solutions

Providing 360° protection for you and your business.

Confidentia Phones

Encrypted devices that guarantees a 360° protection.

secure phone

Key features

Confidentia OS

An Android operating system hardened by a military grade security system.

Secure communications

Encrypted calls and messages between secure phones using a powerful encryption system.

Personal security

Real-time detection of attacks related to the environment. Panic mode functionality.

Total functionality

Possibility of downloading any Google Play app, maintaining total control on device permissions (spoofing).

More details

Confidentia App

The best complement for your mobile security.

  • Secure calls with end to end encryption.
  • Semi-secure call when calling every user.
  • Encrypted messages with self-destruction option.
  • Safe way to share files and images.
  • Frequent application updates.
  • Dual operating system for iOS and Android.
confidentia app

Secure Transfer

A scalable and secure solution to send, store and share files, available on desktop, tablet and smart phone.

powered by transfertpro

Send files: Quick & Secure

Send your files quickly and securely through Outlook or from your desktop.

Manage and share your files by users, rights and projects in a secure space.

Manage users credentials, edit reports and historical logs.

Save, share & collaborate files, electronic signature, data room.

Key advantages


CSPN qualified by ANSSI (France), following the highest security standards.


Flexible through more than 200 API.


GDPR Compliant.


Data hosted in Monaco in a highly secure and resilient Data Center Tier3.

Confidentia Cloud

A new way of sharing, working, and collaborating.

Simple and safe

All the files are secured with AES-256 encryption technology and stored in three different servers. You and your company's security will always be guaranteed.

Online tool

Check your online files, continue using your regular programs.


Work on documents or projects, whatever your location or terminal.

Connected and updated

Follow documents modifications in real time.

Online collaboration

Share files and folders, working on them simultaneously with your contacts.

Facial Recognition

We offer a wide range of recognition capabilities on faces, objects & behavior, powered by a cutting-edge deep neural network technology.

GDPR certificate

Key features & Core technology


Plug & play, flexible and scalable.


Highest accuracy on the market with a «true positive» rate of 99%.


Available in Real Time or Forensic mode.


Centraly managed from a Security command center or trough smartphone.

better tomorrow

Airports, train stations, cities.

One to many recognition capabilities using watch list and Person Of Interest (criminals, missing person, VIP,…)

Retail analytics platform

Providing data analytics and powerful insights:

  • Heat Map.
  • Path Map.
  • Enhanced customer journey.


Highly secure authentication and onboarding software for financial services, gaming, access control.

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Audit & Consulting

We offer our expertise and experience to help companies permanently improve the way they protect their information and support them in securing their digital transformation.


Expertise in Information System Security

Do you know how to identify and manage your risks?


Expertise in IOT security

Are you able to measure the security level of your smart devices in their design or use?


Assess the risk.


Define and improve security management.


Prevent and raise awareness of risks.


Watch out, continously monitor and take action agaist.

Implementation & Project

Integrate solutions and tools to facilitate security management.

Operational security

Master and manage the security of your assets.

What is Confidentia?

Confidentia is a cybersecurity company with a complete service portfolio that guarantees the protection of all the assets of a person or organization.

Based in Monaco, we have the most powerful and versatile platform in the world against mobile threats. Along with solutions of 360° of cybersecurity we offer the most complete security portfolio in the market.

Confidentia Worldwide

Confidentia S.A.M, is an international company founded and based in Monaco. Our collaborators and distributors are located on the European, Asian, American and Latin American continent.

With presence in more than 6 countries around the world, we have customized cybersecurity solutions for each environment. We are total security and privacy, offering absolute communications.

Our Values


Confidentia's mission is to provide user with the best and most advanced cybersecurity solutions with cutting-edge technology.


Our customers privacy is our highest priority, and therefore we do not store or archive sensitive data or privileged information.


We work hand-in-hand and partner with the best-in-class companies to guarantee excellence, innovation and state-of-the art technical solutions.


A solid team of cybersecurity professionals working on developing, integrating and maintaining the best security solutions.


Flexible solutions and agile approach to meet your needs and deadlines.